The role of the front axle assembly in the steering

by:FUSAI     2020-05-31
????????The existing steering system of ordinary fuel vehicles is composed of two parts: steering gear and steering transmission mechanism. The steering gear includes a steering wheel, a steering axle, and a steering mesh transmission pair. The steering mechanism includes a steering rocker arm, a steering knuckle, a steering tie rod, left and right trapezoidal arms, and a front axle. The role of the steering system When the driver turns the steering wheel left and right, it can change the driving direction of the car and play a role in increasing the torque, making the car easy to turn. ????????The steering front axle of a fuel car is mainly composed of the front axle, steering knuckles, brakes and wheels. The front axle is the main body of the steering front axle assembly. It is generally made of medium carbon steel and has an I-shaped cross section. In order to reduce the position of the center of gravity of the engine, the middle part of the front axle is bent downward, and there is a leaf spring seat in the middle to install the leaf spring. In the vertical small hole on the side of the main pin hole, a wedge lock pin is installed to fix the front axle main pin. ????????The steering knuckle is connected with the front axle chain by the kingpin. It can rotate around the kingpin and realize the deflection of the front wheels to achieve the purpose of steering. In order to reduce wear and facilitate repairs, bushings are pressed into the knuckle pin holes of the front axle assembly, and grease nipples are installed for lubrication. The lower ear of the knuckle has a recess for installing a thrust bearing. There is a journal at the outer end of the knuckle, and two cone bearings are used to support the front hub. ????????The steering system has a great influence on the stability and safety of the car. Since the driving device bears the entire weight of the car, it transmits traction, braking force, power and torque, and also bears the impact of the road. Therefore, in the steering system such as the front axle assembly of the car, tire damage, deformation of the frame, bending and torsion of the axle, and failure of the shock absorber will be caused. In this way, the stability and safety of the car will be affected, so that the car cannot drive normally. Therefore, the correct use and timely maintenance of the steering system is necessary.
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