The role of shock absorbers on the independent

by:FUSAI     2020-06-01
???????The independent suspension of the car is used as a movable connection. The rear end of one or two leaf springs is extended into the bearing of the rear end bracket to make a skateboard support. When the leaf spring is deformed under load, there is relative sliding between the pieces and friction occurs. It is this frictional resistance that can promote the reduction of frame vibration. Therefore, when the leaf spring is assembled, a graphite grease should be applied between each piece. In order to prevent the misalignment of the leaf springs in the independent suspension and the spring can transfer the load from the main leaf to the lower leafs during the rebound, the leaf spring clips are used to mount the steel leaf clips together. The two sides of the steel plate clamp are connected with bolts and fastened with nuts, and the bolts are sleeved with sleeves against the two sides of the plate clamp, so as not to clamp the steel plate too tightly. In the general independent suspension, the leaf springs are usually fastened with central bolts in the center. ??????????The load borne by the independent suspension of the heavy-duty truck varies within a large range due to the weight of the vehicle's cargo. Sometimes it is empty or sometimes heavily loaded. For this reason, the general measure is to use the two Grade stiffness is independently suspended. The secondary spring does not contact its support when the load is not heavy, so it does not work. When the load increases to a certain degree, the auxiliary spring and the main spring bear the load together, and the stiffness of the independent suspension is the sum of the stiffness of the two auxiliary springs. ?????The shock absorber in the independent suspension will vibrate when the car is impacted while driving, and this vibration will continue for a certain time until the energy of the impact completely disappears. In order to quickly damp the vibration of the frame and itself, most cars are equipped with a shock absorber in parallel with the spring between the frame and the axle. Most of the shock absorbers in the independent suspension of automobiles are hydraulic. The working principle of hydraulic shock absorber is to use the resistance of liquid flow to consume vibration energy. When the frame and the axle move relative to each other, and the axle jumps up or down, the liquid contained in the shock absorber housing repeatedly flows from one chamber to another through small holes. Since the oil flow must pass through a valve with many small holes, the oil flow has a certain resistance, so that the vibration is quickly attenuated. Therefore, the shock absorber works well. When the car travels for some mileage, the shock absorber shell feels hot, indicating that the shock absorber is working. Otherwise, it is bad or invalid.
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