The role of automobile front axle assembly in

by:FUSAI     2020-05-27
Cars often need to change direction while driving. In terms of wheeled vehicles, the method of changing the driving direction is that the driver deflects the wheels on the steering axle of the car by a certain angle relative to the longitudinal axis of the car through a set of specially designed mechanisms, namely the front axle assembly of the car. During driving, the backward reaction force exerted on the steering wheel by the road surface has a component perpendicular to the wheel and becomes a centripetal force for the car to move in a curve. When the car is driving straight, the steering wheel is often affected by the lateral interference force of the road surface, which automatically deflects and interferes with the driving direction. At this time, the driver can also use this mechanism to deflect the steering wheel in the opposite direction to restore the car to the original driving direction. This set of special mechanisms for changing or restoring the direction of the car is called the steering system of the car. ?????The front axle steering system of an automobile can be divided into mechanical steering system and power steering system according to different steering energy sources. Mechanical steering systems are commonly used in modern automobile structures. The mechanical steering system relies on the driver's hand to turn the steering wheel through the steering gear and steering transmission mechanism to deflect the steering wheel. Some cars are equipped with anti-injury mechanisms and steering damping devices. There are also some cars that are specifically equipped with a power steering mechanism, and use this mechanism to reduce the driver's hand to reduce the driver's fatigue. The main requirements for the steering system are as follows: 1. Lightweight operation. The force applied to the steering wheel during steering does not exceed 200N for cars, 360N for medium-sized trucks, and 450N for medium-sized trucks, and the number of turning circles of the steering wheel is less. 2. Safe and reliable work. 3. The steering wheel has the ability to return to the center automatically after steering, which can keep the car having a stable straight-line driving ability. 4. When the front wheel is impacted, the steering system should transmit a small amount of reverse impact to the steering wheel. 5. The gap at the connection of the steering system should be minimized: the gap should be automatically compensated and adjusted. In addition to the correct selection of the positioning angle of the guide wheel, the free travel of the car ’s front axle steering wheel in the middle should ensure straight travel. Stability and sensitivity of the steering wheel to the steering wheel deflection angle.
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