The reasons for the cracking of the brake drum

by:FUSAI     2020-05-15
The brake drum is the main component of the drum brake system. The friction between the inner surface of the brake drum and the brake pads acts as a brake when braking. However, the brake drum is affected by the service life. Cracking of the brake drum is a normal phenomenon. However, on highways, there are often some cases of broken brake hubs of large vehicles. The causes of cracking of the brake hub include: 1. Unauthorized modification of the brake device. Most trucks have been modified, and many of them are equipped with dripping devices or 'brake kings'. Although these two devices can increase the braking effect when overloaded, they also directly accelerate the cracking of the brake hub. When the truck is overloaded, frequent braking leads to adhesion or heat dissipation, which affects the braking effect and is prone to accidents. Drip device is to add a water tank on the top of the cockpit, and drip irrigation to the position of the brake hub in each wheel, and continuously drip water to cool the wheel hub, which can alleviate brake failure. 'Brake King' is an upgraded version of the brake air pump. After the air passes through the brake pump, the pressure increases, the brake pads can more closely fit the brake hub, and the brake effect is greatly increased. The brake king has more air reservoirs than ordinary brake air pumps. When the truck leaves the factory, no matter how heavy the load is, the brake system has a standard, and within the approved standard, no dripping or brake king is needed. 2. The main reason is overloading According to the experience of some old drivers, the reason for the cracking of the brake hub is mainly due to the excessive load, so even more terrible things will happen. In addition, auto parts are divided into Zhengchang and deputy factories, but the brake drums of Zhengchang also have cracks, so the main reason for the accident is still the method of use.
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