The production process of the axle also needs to 'spray'

by:FUSAI     2020-06-03
??????Axle is a key part of automobile. Due to its complicated shape, the domestic axle painting process mainly depends on manual work. In recent years, with the increase of production capacity and the improvement of quality standards, the shortcomings of unstable quality, low efficiency, and poor environmental performance of manual operations have been exposed, which seriously restricts the production of axles. How to improve the quality and efficiency of axle spraying In order to improve environmental protection performance, it has become an urgent problem to be solved by axle manufacturers. ??????As a relatively advanced automatic spraying equipment, the spraying robot has a flexible wrist structure and precise control of the spraying process. It also has outstanding performance in the environmental protection performance of the equipment. It is to solve the complex external surface automatics such as the front axle and rear axle of automobiles It is an important equipment for spraying problems. Therefore, we have developed a spraying robot solution for the axle spraying line according to the characteristics and process of the spraying process of the axle. ??????The axle spraying robot system is used for spraying the primer and top coat of the automobile axle coating line. The axle primer is sprayed once and the top coat is sprayed twice. Workstation, topcoat 2 spraying workstation), set up a robot spraying station and a manual paint repairing station in each spraying station. Through the understanding of the production process of the axle, the axle converges from the 6 assembly lines to the painting line. The axle spray paint is divided into primer and topcoat. The primer is sprayed once, the topcoat is sprayed twice, and the wet touch wet spray is used. Craftsmanship. Each axle spraying station is equipped with 2 spraying robots, which are separated on both sides of the conveyor line. The robots are equipped with electrostatic air spray guns, which can automatically clean and change colors. After each robot painting station, set up a manual paint repair station. Because it is a mixed flow production, in order to improve the automation and reliability of the axle spray painting system, the identification problem of the axle model must be solved. This system mainly uses a radio frequency identification system to solve the identification problem of various types of axles. The conveyor chain is a continuous chain. The axle needs to complete the painting operation while walking. The spraying robot needs to track the operation of the axle. In order to solve the problem of synchronization between the robot and the axle, the system is equipped with a conveyor chain tracking system. Later, the axle spraying robot will also be constantly updated and transformed to keep up with the development trend of the axle industry.
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