The function of the axle and function is introduced

by:FUSAI     2021-05-21
Axle ( Also called axle) Was driving is an important part of automobile chassis are car years overall one of the most important part, we compared the engine to the heart of the car, then axle is car's legs. Through axle suspension and chassis ( Or a monocoque body) Is linked together, installed on both ends of car wheels. Its function is passed frame ( Or a monocoque body) With the direction of the force between the wheel and its torque. According to different suspension structure, divide into two kinds: monolithic and breaking one-piece axle is like a huge barbell, central for rigid solid or hollow beam, at both ends by suspension system to support the body, usually cooperate with the independent suspension, general application in the medium-duty truck and passenger car; Breaking axle like two umbrella in on both sides of the car body, followed by their respective suspension system to support the body, only with independent suspension with, generally used in cars and light buses depending on the role of the wheel on the axle, drive axle, steering axle are divided to bridge bridge four axles and support. The steering axle and support bridge are driven bridge. Most of the truck driven by lead after ( FR) , after the rear drive buses is used ( RR) , so the front axle as steering axle and rear axle ( Or tin) As the drive axle; While cars driven by lead before ( FF) , the front axle become to drive axle and rear axle bridge ACTS as a support. As for suvs are four wheel drive ( 4 wd) , front axle steering drive axle. Usually, we can also according to the relative position on the axle in the vehicle divided into front axle, intermediate axle and rear axle. In the front axle for the integral steering axle, and drive axle and rear axle is string type bearing capacity is strong, it has good through sexual characteristics of. My company as a professional auto parts manufacturer in lianyungang, provides a variety of hydraulic trailer axle, axle, such as dynamic platform car axle and wheel unloading locomotive bridge etc, reasonable division of axle type can be wider play its performance, if you still have questions or are interested for our products welcome contact phone number through the website to contact us! Relevant tags: derrick axle
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