The four big industry characteristics of introduction of drive axle

by:FUSAI     2021-01-27
At present, the domestic manufacturer of drive axle is more, also relatively complete varieties and specifications, performance and quality can basically meet the demand of the use of domestic agricultural machinery and engineering machinery, presents a distinct industry characteristics: ( 1) From the import of foreign products to localization development; ( 2) From small workshops to regularization industrialization; ( 3) From the low-end products to high-end product development; ( 4) By the introduction of foreign technology to the development of independent research and development. In terms of technology, and by constantly improve their casting forging technology and craft level to ensure the quality of research and development products manufacturing; Through the use of advanced scientific design auxiliary means to achieve the purpose of design optimization; Through continuous learning and absorbing foreign advanced technology, and gradually achieve the goal of technology in line with international standards, so as to improve the core competitiveness of products; By using advanced technology and method to improve the performance of the products meet the market demand, promote mechanical and electrical integration. Relevant tags: dynamic platform car axle
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