The electric car rear axle how to maintain

by:FUSAI     2021-01-29
Electric car rear axle to make the engine under the condition of good homework assignments, under the condition of invariable in the motor rotation direction is cars can travel back, using the gap, to suspend the power transmission, and the engine can start, convenient transmission shift or power output. Earlier when the electric car by interval must be marching, should put off gear oil, cleaning reducer shell lumen, and bridge head filling new gear oil, viewing and torque tighten the fasteners according to rule, from the beginning, adjust the brake gap to replace the grease inside the wheel hub, can put into use. And always in the maintenance of heavy car rear axle of the electric car's rear axle shell vent plug for dust removal and cleaning. When found that the electric car axle deformation, but the disintegration of rear axle, the pressure on the calibration of rear axle beam deformation; When rear beam crack is found, weld repairs will not be used, in case of loading after hurt bad; Outside the shaft after check, found a crack should be replaced when new rear beam. Electric cars, if using front axle drive vehicles, they only just follow-up bridge rear axle, it can be to have the effect of bearing. If the electric automobile front axle not drive axle, so it is of the rear axle drive axle, besides carrying effect at this time it will also be able to have the drive and slow and differential effect, if the car is a four-wheel drive, usually in the front of the rear axle is equipped with a transfer. Relevant tags: semi-trailer axle
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