The effect of hydraulic trailer axle

by:FUSAI     2021-05-21
For traditional hydraulic trailer axle in the middle part of the axle is a trapezoidal structure, on both sides of the cylindrical structure, will use whole forging forming axle and complex manufacturing process, quality, and weight. Axle and trapezoidal structure parts set with king pin holes, king pin hole with copper bushing, regular lubrication maintenance. Practical hydraulic trailer axle by technical problems need to be solved is to provide a way to guarantee the overall strength, reduce weight effectively applied to the hydraulic trailer axle. The role of the axle: in the frame and the axle ( The wheels) Heritability and torque between suspension, rather than the axle. Axle's role is to bear the load of the car, keep the car on the road of moving. For the daily maintenance and maintenance of axle: ( 1) Check before running vehicle axle external connection bolts are loose, axle oil, wheel, gear reducer assembly is sound, etc. ( 2) Axle compulsory maintenance: replace lubricating oil, tight firmware, beam before inspection, check the brake lining wear degree, to wear limit should be given timely change and adjust the brake clearance, check reducer assembly, and the master-slave dynamic gear and driven gear gap is too large, gear oil is more than the use efficiency, if there is a similar situation should timely adjust the clearance and replace the oil. Axle can be integrated, like a huge weight, both ends by suspension system to support the body, so integral axle usually cooperate with the independent suspension; Axle can also be broken open, like two umbrella in on both sides of the car body, and their respective through suspension system to support the body, so breaking axle with independent suspension. Relevant tags: hydraulic trailer axle
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