The drive axle of the two major categories

by:FUSAI     2021-05-21
Some enterprises in the purchase of drive axle, not able to clear the classification of the drive axle, in fact drive axle points of breaking and breaking two kinds big. Today, cloud drive took everybody understand the drive axle of breaking and breaking the two classification. 1, not breaking drive axle drive wheels adopt independent suspension, should choose the breaking drive axle. Not break open drive axle drive axle, also known as monolithic its axle tube and the main reducer shell with rigid connected to a whole beam axle casing, and so on both sides of the half shaft and driving wheel related to swing, by elastic elements are connected to the frame. It is composed of drive axle housing, the main reducer, differential and half shaft. 2, break open drive axle drive axle USES the independent suspension, or main reducer shell is fixed on the frame, on both sides of the half shaft and the drive wheels can have relative motion in the horizontal plane relative to the body is called a breaking drive axle. In order to match the independent suspension, fixed to the frame (the main reducer shell Or body) And through a hinge, drive axle casing section, or in addition to the main reducer shell no longer have the rest of the drive axle housing. In order to meet the needs of the driving wheel independent jumping up and down, the differential between the wheel and axle shaft with a universal joint connection between paragraphs. Relevant tags: semi-trailer axle
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