The different classification categories semi-trailer hydraulic leg

by:FUSAI     2021-01-30
Semi-trailer hydraulic leg also have different classification, this is everyone should remember, and it is no matter at what time, everyone should pay attention oh, semi-trailer axle manufacturer below small make up is a simple introduce for everybody: first of all, fixed leg only vertical scaling, not horizontal scaling. And single cavity hydraulic leg two Shared a fixed leg leg, the leg level leading to scale co. , LTD. Finally, double cavity hydraulic leg leg two activities have their own a fixed leg box, such activity leg telescopic stroke is bigger than the single cavity. Semi-trailer hydraulic leg is divided into fixed leg and folding legs, each leg and include a variety of models, suitable for all kinds of car use. Fixed leg bearing capacity is big, the biggest can have the bearing capacity of 40 tons, suitable for high chassis, high bearing capacity requirements of the vehicle. Folding legs has patented folding mechanism, use will automatically pop up down, this structure is cramped or chassis space under the best choice for small cars. There are two types of hydraulic leg optional: remote control type and fully automatic type. All equipment including manual pump, even in the case of full power to make sure that the hydraulic pressure to produce enough back leg. The classification of the semi trailer hydraulic leg, small make up to introduce to here, if you still want to know more, so we will continue to focus on small make up oh, so that can avoid the occurrence of the problem. Relevant tags: semi-trailer axle
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