The analysis of the semi important components is introduced

by:FUSAI     2021-01-30
Semi-trailer axle is placed in the back of vehicle's gravity, and is equipped with level slow vertical force can be passed to the tractor trailer combination plant. Semi-trailer frame is mainly supported by beams, girders, welding i-beam, bridging beam, beam, locks, traction pin connecting equipment, panels, etc. It is necessary to introduce a trailer in the second half of the nine major parts. 1. Edge beam is usually a channel steel or bending parts, now most of the trailer with channel steel, light body hanging beam will be more bending parts, with the strength of the request is not too big. Support beams is through beam, now mostly W beam. 2. For lorries, top part refers to the tailgate, gantry, etc. Column board and flat and vertical corrugated plate, vertical corrugated board is a typical use board, high intensity. Gantry can also be referred to as the 'front', usually not request all the manufacturer will live type removable, so often pull heavy cargo and easy sliding goods gantry do welding must be put to death on the basis of plus two suspension. 3. Traction pin is linked to tractor semi-trailer and accept the traction of the major components, links up with traction. Usually chromium alloy structure steel forging. About 50 different cargo tonnage traction pin #, 90 # traction pin. Usually is limited to 50 t trailer and the total weight of goods, with 50 # pin under 50 t, 50 t above is # 90, more than 90 t safe will use 90 # traction pin. 4. Semi-trailer suspension is of non independent steel plate stamping type rigid suspension and a tandem armor plate spring and suspension bearing structure, used to support the load, slow down the car the impact of dynamic load. Suspension of commonly used there are four: concatenated type steel plate spring balanced suspension, single point of suspension, air suspension, rigid suspension ( One line and two axis) 。 5. Semi-trailer axle in support of the bridge, the axle after plate spring and pull rod connected to the chassis and suspension device to the support and load force between the chassis and the wheels. 6. Semi-trailer electrical system consists of seven core socket, cable, gas path, all sorts of lamps and lanterns, etc, used for lighting, safety warning as well as the braking gas supply, etc. 7. Semi-trailer support equipment is mainly used to support the trailer when hanging off, composed of leg, to connect and support. 8. Semi-trailer protective equipment consists of side protection, the protection, protection of pedestrians and other vehicles into semi-trailer. This thing ready and fuel-efficient, down wind resistance do good call side apron. 9. Semi-trailer accessories include toolbox, spare tire rack, gantry, piles, etc. There are some small accessories such as the tight rope, rope hook, functional accessories, according to the varieties of its products options. Relevant tags: semi-trailer axle
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