Structural composition and functional principle

by:FUSAI     2020-02-07
Axles and suspensions are important components of a car trailer. The axle is connected to the frame by a suspension. Wheels are installed at both ends of the axle. Its function is to transmit the forces and moments between the frame and the wheel. According to the suspension structure, the axle is divided into integral and disconnected. Two types; according to the shape of the front beam, it can be divided into I-shaped cross-section and round tube-shaped cross-section bridges. I-shaped cross-section bridges are currently the most widely used. Its strength is strong and the shape is easy to meet the requirements of general layout. Suspension is the general name of all force transmission link devices between the car frame and the axle. Its function is to apply the vertical reaction forces on the wheels to the road, the longitudinal and lateral reaction forces, and the torque caused by these reaction forces. It should be transferred to the frame to ensure the normal driving of the car. Automobile suspension generally consists of three parts: elastic element, shock absorber and guide mechanism. It is divided into two categories: non-independent suspension and independent suspension. Non-independent suspension elastic elements can be divided into leaf springs, coil springs, air springs, and oil and gas springs. When coil springs, air springs, and oil and gas springs are used, more complicated guiding mechanisms are required. When leaf springs are used, because the leaf springs can act as a guide mechanism and have a certain damping effect, the use of suspension structures is greatly simplified. Therefore, currently, car trailers usually use leaf springs for independent suspension and are equipped with integral work. Zigzag section axle.
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