Structural characteristics of non-disconnected drive axle

by:FUSAI     2020-05-19
???????????Ordinary non-disconnected drive axles, because of their simple structure, low cost, and reliable operation, are widely used in various freight cars and buses. This structure is also used in most off-road vehicles and some cars. ???????????Non-breaking drive axle structure of off-road vehicles; non-breaking drive axle structure of cargo vehicles; non-breaking middle and rear drive axle structures of self-unloading trucks; non-breaking drive axle structure of medium-sized off-road vehicles . ????????????It can be seen that although their specific structures, especially the structure of the axle housing, are different, they have a common feature, that is, the characteristics of ordinary non-disconnected drive axles, that is, the axle housing is supported on the left , The rigid hollow beam on the right drive wheel, and the main reducer, differential and half shaft and other transmission parts are installed in it. ???????At this time, the mass of the entire drive axle and the drive wheels and part of the mass of the transmission shaft belong to the non-suspension quality of the car, which makes the non-suspension mass of the car larger, which is a disadvantage of the ordinary non-disconnected drive axle. The total mass of this drive axle and wheels, brakes and brake drums accounts for about the dry mass of the chassis of general cargo vehicles.
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