Stationary cllimbing trolley use matters needing attention

by:FUSAI     2021-01-30
With the continuous development of logistics industry, cllimbing trolley is applied more and more widely, almost became a indispensable tool in our life. Bridge between cllimbing trolley is used for forklift truck and truck equipment, realize rapid loading and unloading of goods, improve the work efficiency. In order to make everyone more smoothly use mobile cllimbing trolley, and then to introduce the use of mobile cllimbing trolley considerations. 1, don't destroy mobile cllimbing trolley safety switch and safety facilities; 2, it is forbidden to mobile cllimbing trolley overload work; 3, mobile cllimbing trolley if there is something wrong with should immediately stop and post hang tell mark; 4, must be in the mobile cllimbing trolley stops to open door; 5, brakes brake and other security Settings, such as failure should be found instant state competent personnel, please repair; 6, when using the cargoes should have special personnel in the use of the cargoes, and read it carefully before using the dock leveler used to clarify, in accordance with the illuminating book operation. 7, at the scene of the use of cargoes to have dedicated staff on site operation command, never sloppy avoid attack accident! 8, the additional load, cllimbing trolley has surely don't overload situations using the cargoes, overload for a long time use will shorten the using life of vehicle bridge! All the machinery in use need to do the cleaning and maintenance, so as to guarantee the use of more efficient. And everyone said once below what are the precautions for the use of maintenance for the yard. 1, as far as possible to clean with water. Because of the use of the cargoes must be strong enough, so are made of metal, such ability can guarantee the safety of use. If use water to clean parts can cause rusty phenomenon, this will shorten the service life of the cargoes, so at the time of cleaning is the best option to use a special detergent. 2, good waterproof work for a rainy day. In rainy day, while also can work normally, but still suggest you to do a good job of waterproof, so that we can to ensure the long-term use of cargoes. 3, regularly check the usage of the parts, have a look at the parts appear loose phenomenon, or is in use, the phenomenon of the corrosion. Relevant tags: derrick axle
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