Slow production of mold restricts the progress

by:FUSAI     2020-06-02
???????????The mold is a production tool that can produce parts with certain shape and size requirements, which is commonly known as the mold. The axle assembly requires many small parts to be assembled. The castings such as the front wheel hub, brake drum, knuckle arm, and front axle are all produced using molds and then processed by precision machining. , Material saving, low cost, quality assurance and other advantages. Front axle assembly ??????In the early 1980s, some foreign automobile axle manufacturers began to study mold CAD. For example, the die CAD system successfully developed by DIECOMP has shortened the entire production preparation cycle from 18 weeks to 6 weeks. At present, many axle manufacturers in China have adopted the three-dimensional mold technology, and have obtained rich experience and skills, which has greatly improved the accuracy and productivity of the mold. However, due to various reasons, although some axle manufacturers have implemented design without drawings, their Mould CAD work is mostly limited to computer drawing (Computer Aided Draft) and two-dimensional design. Only the automobile mold design and manufacturing capabilities of individual axle manufacturers are close to the international advanced level. In addition, some software with independent copyrights has appeared in China, such as the CAD system CAXA developed by Huazheng Mould Research Institute of Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, which solves some problems in production, but has not been well promoted and used. ???????China is far behind developed countries in the development of new car models. One of the important reasons is the low efficiency of axle mold design. The traditional domestic mold design methods can no longer meet the needs of the development of the automotive industry, and the cost of introducing foreign axle mold products is too high, and it will seriously hinder the replacement of the automotive front axle products. To solve the above problems, it is necessary to research and develop our own mold 3D technology, and at the same time, secondary development on the basis of advanced foreign general modeling software is undoubtedly a necessary and effective means. ????????At present, the development of three-dimensional technology for automobile axle molds has entered a substantial application stage, which not only comprehensively improves the quality of mold design, but also greatly shortens the mold production cycle. In recent years, China has also made significant progress in the application of three-dimensional technology for automobile axle molds, but there are still some problems, such as low design efficiency, low standardization, poor specificity, backward development methods, and user interface can not meet Requirements, etc. In response to this, the three-dimensional mold technology mainly develops in parameterization, intelligence, integration, specialization and other aspects.
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