Service brake knowledge overview

by:FUSAI     2020-02-23
There may be few people who know the service brake, but there are many people who use it. It is just a different name. Everyone is more accustomed to it. It is brake. Device on a vehicle. A common brake in a vehicle is a service brake, and a car should have at least two sets of braking devices, a service brake and a parking brake, and their brake driving mechanisms should be independent of each other. The brake driving mechanism of the service braking device shall have at least two sets of independent pipelines. When one set fails, the other set shall ensure that the braking efficiency of the car is not less than 30% of the normal value; the parking braking device shall Adopt reliable mechanical brake drive mechanism. According to the structure of different brakes, they can be divided into: belt brakes, block brakes, and disc brakes; according to operating conditions, they can be divided into: normally closed brakes, normally open brakes, and comprehensive brakes.
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