Semi trailer hydraulic leg failure analysis

by:FUSAI     2021-05-22
Small make up to introduce today is about some of semi-trailer hydraulic leg failure analysis, everyone understands this, in the later when the leg problems also need not worry too much, so the specific look at together: ( 1) Semi-trailer oil leak was due to a loose connection, should find the place, tighten the; Seal is damaged, should be replaced; Have crack line, should be replaced or weld repairs. ( 2) Semi-trailer leg two-way hydraulic lock failure and failure, lock plunger stuck inside, must unpick and wash, installation and adjustment; Plunger wear serious, a new hydraulic lock should be replaced. ( 3) Semi-trailer lifting leg automatically retract a reason: is a bi-directional hydraulic lock in the one-way valve sealing is not good, should remove the maintenance, installation and adjustment after cleaning. Second, hydraulic cylinder internal leakage, must remove the check on the piston seals, after change the new seal can be installed again. Semi-trailer hydraulic leg with the continuous development of our country market economy and the continuous improvement of comprehensive national strength, enterprises and institutions is becoming more and more high to the requirement of vehicle, some special vehicles such as crane, mobile blood treatment change in car, communication, emergency command vehicle, large-tonnage dump truck, rv, airport food carts and move the ladder car, etc. , are requirements for stability is put forward, and even require adjustment to the level state, the traditional mechanical shaking leg already can't satisfy the demand of the market, and support large, strong operability, high safety and low failure rate of semi-trailer hydraulic leg leg system in the use of the vehicle is the inevitable trend, also more and more widely used. Semi-trailer support oil cylinder and hydraulic system of hydraulic leg is car battery or ac power supply, fix the leg through the mounting bracket on car girder appropriate location, use leg down out of touch, the roof, make the most of the weight of the vehicle is supported by leg, so as to balance the body, reduce vehicle load of the steel plate spring. After use, pack up weight from foot to foot up collection, there is enough height from the ground, ensure that allows the Angle of departure, make sure that does not affect the safety of train operation and equipment. Relevant tags: semi-trailer axle
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