Semi-trailer axle connected to the tractor to pay attention to?

by:FUSAI     2021-01-30
Semi-trailer axle to tractor and semi-trailer electric road connection is the tractor two pipe joints ( Commonly known as shaking hands) Respectively in the semi-trailer on two tracheal joints. Start the engine, to observe the barometer of the cab, the tractor and semi-trailer progress to delimit the pressure in gas reservoir pressure. Check whether the electrode joint is good, confirm the side lamp tail lights and so on various light is working correctly. Tractor to pay more attention to in the process of connecting semi-trailer tractor and semi-trailer aspects of connection, ShuNiuDian lies in traction and traction pin connection and electrical connection of the road. The gas supply pipe of the tractor and semi-trailer gas supply pipe connection, control pipe of the tractor and trailer control line connection. Saddle and traction pin connection in the connection before check carefully whether the tractor on the saddle board face full of lubricating grease, semi-trailer traction pin, traction skateboard is the presence of foreign bodies, to ensure that the traction skateboard clean. Slightly forward of the tractor, check the connections are in good condition. Operation of traction locking mechanism, make the locking block open, into a state of freedom. After gas joint interconnection, unscrew the tractor semi-trailer pneumatic connection isolation switch, make its in ventilation condition, otherwise can't gas supply to the trailer braking system, brake system cannot work. Tractor reversing, tractor and semi-trailer Central Line makes every effort to maintain consistent, two car Central Line migration under limited to 40 mm. Insert the plug of the tractor cable connection plate type semi-trailer whole seven holes before the socket until the screens in the seventh hole card pin block. Check whether there is any leakage on gas path, check whether the braking system to work normally. Otherwise not only cannot connect, sometimes also can damage traction, traction pin and related parts. Adjust the supporting leg, semi-trailer skateboard and traction saddle height, general with semi-trailer traction skateboard less than plane on the central position in the traction saddle - 1 3 centimeters, pay attention to not too high. Check whether a locking piece of locking the traction pin, whether to lock up. Tractor saddle mouth on the traction pin after slow astern until hear the 'click' sound, after locking block return, tractor and semi-trailer successful traction. To learn more about axle information, can be detailed consultation semi-trailer axle factory huayang machinery - 0518 Relevant tags: 85287090 semi-trailer axle
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