Semi-trailer axle - Axle industry expert BPW commercial auto show

by:FUSAI     2021-05-21
Semi-trailer axle - Axle industry expert BPW appearance Chinese commercial auto show on November 4, 2017, two years of the China international commercial auto show come in wuhan, the domestic many host manufacturers and parts manufacturers, to take this opportunity to showcase their products and technology. Say to the axle of trailer, everyone must know BPW. In the current commercial auto show, BPW booth in B4 pavilion central location, its trademark LOGO and booth style lets a person in many booths at a glance can see this is BPW booth. The exhibition, BPW what product for us? Let me lead you to go and have a look. Exhibited at the auto show, BPW 400 k / 800 k long maintenance wheel, air suspension, servo steering axle, and many other high quality products, these products can well meet the needs of the users of different transportation conditions. BPW as international high-end axle manufacturers, has a wide range of customers worldwide. In China, is also popular with users, especially in cold storage, delivery and other high-end transportation sector, BPW high share, to show you for BPW axle quality trust. As to promote the efficiency of domestic highway transportation vehicles, annual mileage of the vehicle are also growing, the longest mileage can achieve mileage of 300000 kilometers, as a result, high quality long maintenance, maintenance free trailer axle are needed. Booth 400 k to 800 k in the hub, can well meet the needs of this part of the user, 400 k wheel can realize the using period 2, 400000 kilometers, and the use of 800 k wheel cycles can reach 3 years 800000 kilometers, the longest both products, can fully meet the domestic use of different users need to develop efficient logistics! Just launched GB7258 rules of dangerous goods trailer, 3 axis tablet and capsule column trailer made new demands, this kind of car must be equipped with disc brakes and air suspension, so the air suspension and disc brake was attention by people. BPW as the world's leading trailer axle production enterprises, has long been the disc brake and air suspension into China, and has been used for many years in China. In BPW booth, the disc brake and air suspension products have been a lot of people attention. BPW as an international leader in the field of axle, on energy conservation and environmental protection are done. Trailer axle wheel can power generation? Yes, you heard me, as we have learned, BPW this ePower hub power generation system, it can continue in the process of driving and braking power 15 kw output power, can satisfy the requirement of the power of the refrigerated trailer. 'EPower' generate electricity, enough to ensure refrigerated car electricity needs. 'EPower' wheel power system the application if you can, will save a lot of fuel each year and have a great contribution for energy conservation and environmental protection will be. Semi-trailer axle manufacturers: lianyungang huayang machinery manufacturing co. , LTD. Welcome you! Touch: trail manager phone/fax: 13705130267-0518 85287090 mail box: lyghyjx @ 126. Com web site: WWW. 来讲, hyjx。 Com address: lianyungang haizhou hong door industrial park HuaYang Road related tags: semi-trailer axle
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