Rear axle using and maintenance skills

by:FUSAI     2021-01-29
1) don't fierce in truck driving throttle and fierce to loose the clutch pedal, especially in the uphill started when the car slide backward when more can't do that, so as not to twist off half shaft gear or destroyed. (2) load do not exceed the prescribed, driving on rough road speed not fast, don't fierce, otherwise it will make the rear axle shell deformation or damage. (3) when the wheel side sliding idling to use differential lock, should be used correctly. (4) driving on the way to stop regularly check the temperature of the bridge, the bridge and fastening the connection parts. 5. Check the oil level height, on time is insufficient to be added, and the oil change on a regular basis. When add or replace lubricating oil, according to the original car, and gear oil according to season choose to meet the requirements. Oil change should strike out old oil, add low viscosity of cleaning oil ( Such as diesel oil mixed with oil or gear oil) , top drive axle, medium-speed operation for several minutes, to clean inside drive axle, while cleaning the ventilator to open, the new oil injection. 6. Check the working condition of differential lock, such as working poor, should find out the reason, ruled out in a timely manner. Relevant tags: dynamic platform car axle
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