Rear axle oil leak reason and testing have?

by:FUSAI     2021-01-29
After the rear axle, is refers to the vehicle power transmission drive shaft parts. It is composed of two and a half bridge, half bridge differential movement. At the same time, it is also used to support the wheels and the connection device for the rear wheels. If the front axle drive vehicle, driving axle is just a follow-up bridge, only have the effect of bearing. Driving axle is a final assembly in the drive train, the drive shaft from the engine power to drive the wheels, and can reduce speed and increase torque, to ensure that the vehicle has enough traction and the right speed. At the same time, change direction and power transfer to withstand a load of vehicles, etc. The rear axle common faults are: fuel oil, rear axle and rear axle, rear axle overheating. In view of the rear axle under the oil failure analysis: ( 1) Rear axle gear oil too much, can increase gear operating resistance and power consumption, the pressure will damage the oil seal and joint gasket, caused the spill. ( 2) Bridge shell vent blockage, the road temperature, pressure, oil spill out. ( 3) Half shaft catheter combined with gear case surface oil, the main paper pad is damaged, bolt or nut is loose. A paper pad should be replaced, and tighten bolts and nuts. ( 4) Half shaft tube outer end is equipped with skeleton oil seal, oil seal lip to the direction toward the gearbox casing. If installed backwards or oil seal in use aging craze, ring spring is too loose, break or fall off; Pad damage or loose fastening bolt, nut, loose oil plug or shell is broken, and will cause oil leakage. Such as the oil found outside the axle shaft tube end, should be timely check the oil seal, replace if necessary. Relevant tags: steering axle
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