Precautions for maintenance of brake discs

by:FUSAI     2020-05-14
The brake disc has the characteristics of fast heat dissipation, light weight, rapid braking, and convenient adjustment, so it is welcomed by the majority of businesses and car owners, but in the process of use, many failures will inevitably occur, which requires us to learn to repair, but Pay attention to the following: First of all, according to the wear condition, in addition to the normal wear of the brake disc, there are also wear caused by the quality of the brake pad or brake disc and foreign objects during normal use. If there is a deviation in the wear of the disk surface, it is recommended to replace it, because such wear and tear will directly affect our safe driving after deviation. Secondly, it depends on the frequency of brake pad replacement. If the replacement frequency of the pads is very high, it is recommended to check the thickness of the brake disc. After all, if your pad cost is faster, it means that you use a lot of brakes, so check it regularly. Brake disc.
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