Optimizing the production technology of passenger

by:FUSAI     2020-05-29
?????Fuhua Axle has a technical team and advanced equipment at home and abroad. At present, our 3 tons medium truck front axle assembly, 4.5 tons medium truck front axle assembly and 6.5 tons medium truck front axle assembly are currently in great demand in the market. In terms of the current production technology of automobile front axles, there are two main manufacturing processes, stamping and welding and hydroforming technology. Stamping and welding automobile front axles are made by stamping and welding. ??????The requirements for design and production process are very high, it has good operation responsiveness, and transmits less vibration and noise, but the defect is insufficient rigidity. At present, the main method is to optimize the geometry of the front axle of the car and adopt local Rough or repair welding to enhance the torsional strength, the stamping forming manufacturing method is suitable for mass production of modern automobile front axles. ???????The characteristic of hydroforming technology is that it has excellent extensibility, low cost, few processes, can form irregular shapes, can maintain a close tolerance fit, and is better than traditional stamping in terms of the quality of the automobile front axle and the simplicity of the production process. The welding method is much superior, and it is an ideal forming method for complex-shaped automobile front axles or using materials with high strength and poor formability. ??????No matter what kind of production technology is used to process the front axle of the car, it must be carefully calculated. It must be combined with the actual situation and meticulously thought, so that the performance of the front axle of the car can be matched with the performance of the overall car. At the same time, the production cost should be optimized. .
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