Optimization analysis of rear axle assembly of

by:FUSAI     2020-05-23
??????As a key component of the rear-drive vehicle, the rear axle assembly of the car has an important influence on the safety performance of the vehicle. Therefore, it is very necessary to perform effective mechanical optimization analysis and design of its related main components. The rear axle of the car is in operation. When subjected to impact, repeated bending and torsional stress, it must be required to have high enough bending strength, fatigue strength and good toughness. ???????In addition to having an important impact on the reliability and durability of the car, the structural form and design parameters of the rear axle of the car also have a direct effect on the driving performance of the car such as power, economy, smoothness, passability, maneuverability and maneuverability. As a result, the choice of the structural type of the rear axle of the car, the selection of design parameters and the design calculation are extremely important for the design of the vehicle. Today, with the rapid economic development and rapid changes in production technology, the design and development of automobile rear axles must closely rely on the reality of scientific production. Only by mastering the latest production technology can high-quality automobile rear axle products be created to cater to the market. According to the demand, we have developed automobile rear axle products that meet the needs of consumers. ???????The rear axle of the car has an important influence on the structure, assembly, production process, performance and safety of the vehicle. Therefore, special attention should be paid to the processing. The production process of the rear axle of the car must be controlled as a key link. While improving the quality of the entire vehicle, we must also fully consider factors such as production technical conditions and quality costs, so as to be able to fully improve the overall efficiency of the automobile rear axle production. ????????The development of quality inspection standards for automobile rear axles needs to be combined with the requirements of production process technical conditions and body performance. For different types and models of automobile rear axles, corresponding quality standards should be formulated. If the dimensional deviations are due to design, planning and other process levels There are problems that cannot be avoided in production, but the size of the deviation directly determines the appearance of the vehicle, the matching degree of the rear axle installation of the car, and the quality level of parts assembly. ???????The raw materials used for processing the rear axle assembly of the automobile must conform to the specified technical conditions. The dimensional accuracy and surface quality must be inspected. All the links specified in the process regulations should be strictly followed, and a comprehensive inspection should be done Only after being qualified can it be put into production.
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