Need to pay attention to the axle

by:FUSAI     2020-05-21
???? With the development of the automobile industry, fuel saving and light weight are issues that have attracted the attention of automobile manufacturers in recent years. Some axle manufacturers use poor quality axle components in order to cope with automobile manufacturers. Although it seems to meet the requirements of light weight, in fact, it does not meet the requirements of indicators such as service life and safety performance. Blindly relying on cutting corners to achieve light weight will not last long. The flow of products into the market will bring great troubles to users who buy cars due to the great safety risks caused by safe driving. ???? Shandong FUSAI axle adopts the steel produced by domestic regular high-quality steel mills and the grease produced by high-quality petrochemical manufacturers to ensure that the product material meets the safety performance requirements. It directly cooperates with the manufacturers, the links are controlled, the costs are controlled, and the products produced. Under the effect of high-quality grease, the axle has a long service life and low running noise, which is very popular among users. Fundamentally solve the worries of end consumers, relying on ultra-long quality assurance, value-added services, won the trust of end consumers.
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