Main maintenance points of common light truck

by:FUSAI     2020-06-04

The front axle assembly applies a thin layer of grease to the surface of the front axle and the knuckle kingpin during maintenance. The locking pin groove on the kingpin is aligned with the locking pin hole on the front axle. Tighten (note: the locking pin must be installed in front of the front axle of the car). Measure the starting force of the steering knuckle at the split pin hole of the steering knuckle journal, which should be measured separately before and after grease injection. The front wheel hub bearings are coated with lithium-based grease on the knuckle shaft end threads and friction-reducing gaskets. 

To ensure that the front and rear axle assemblies of the car are in good condition and to avoid and reduce early damage to tires and machine parts, the following points must be achieved during use and maintenance: (1) Start and stop should be stable, avoid the direction of emergency stop and dead hit, try to achieve parking by taxi and keep the wheels straight. Use less emergency braking when driving, and drive at low speed and slower speed on uneven roads to prevent the front axle from being subjected to impact loads, so as not to cause early damage to various parts of the front suspension. (2) Maintain normal tire pressure, front wheel: (235 ± 19.6) kPa; rear wheel: (314 ± 19.6) kPa. High tire pressure will increase the frequency of wheel jump, and too low pressure will increase tire rolling resistance and sideways force. (3) Perform daily maintenance and regular maintenance of the front and rear axles, and frequently check the connecting ball heads such as the lower arm and tie rods. If it is found to be worn or loose, it must be replaced immediately. Check the quality of new parts before replacing parts. The installation of fake and inferior accessories will not only shorten the service life, but also cause early damage to other related parts. (4) The tire disassembly and assembly machine must be used to disassemble and disassemble the tire to avoid deformation caused by manual disassembly. The tires should be regularly tested for dynamic balance to avoid uneven rotation of the rotating child and cause radial runout and left-right swing. (5) When installing the lower swing arm, the swing arm ball head dust cover should be replaced, and the dust cover should be filled with grease. It is strictly forbidden to apply any lubricating oil or grease to the tapered part of the ball head. (6) When disassembling the front suspension support rod, loosen or tighten the nuts evenly. After the support rod is removed, the center of the rod should be raised to prevent deformation, and it is strictly prohibited to strike the support rod with a hammer head. (7) Before adjusting the toe, check whether the shock absorber is working properly, whether the installation is firm, whether the coil spring is damaged, whether the left and right elastic forces are consistent, whether the shock absorber rubber pad is damaged or deformed, and whether the connecting parts and front wheel bearings are loose Kuang. When adjusting the toe, the air pressure of the left and right front wheels should be consistent, and the vehicle should be parked on a flat ground to promote the adjustment. (8) When adjusting the front axle toe to change the length of the tie rod, the left and right tie rods should be adjusted synchronously, that is, the left and right tie rods have the same number of rotations to keep the length of the left and right tie rods consistent. If after the above inspection and adjustment, the side slip still exceeds the standard, you must use the front wheel locator to check whether the front wheel positioning parameters meet the standards.                                

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