Lightweight development of automobile front axle

by:FUSAI     2020-05-29
???????At present, the continuous growth of automobile production has exerted tremendous pressure on the increasingly scarce energy and the deteriorating environment, in order to ease the energy tension. When designing and producing automotive front axle products, we must vigorously develop lightweight technology, and on the premise of ensuring the quality and other basic performance of the automotive front axle, reduce energy and reduce emissions by reducing the weight of the automotive front axle. ???????The lightweight design of automobile front axle is actually a combination of function improvement, quality reduction, structural optimization and reasonable price. At present, due to the needs of environmental protection and energy saving, lightweight design of automobile front axle has become the trend of future design development. At present, automobile The main ways to reduce the weight of the front axle are: 1. On the premise that the specifications of the front axle of the car are continuously optimized and the size of the main parameters is retained, the strength of the overall structure is increased and the consumption of consumables is reduced; 2. Lightweight materials such as aluminum, magnesium, glass fiber or carbon fiber composite materials are used; 3. The computer is used for structural design and optimization. On the premise of ensuring the performance and function of the front axle of the car, the structure of the existing materials or new materials is analyzed, and the parts are lightweight, the number is simplified and the structure is integrated. rationalization; 4. Realize the lightweighting of the manufacturing and processing technology, which not only can realize the lightweighting of the front axle of the car, but also greatly improve the safety performance of the front axle of the car and reduce the manufacturing cost.
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