Introduction of two types of car brakes

by:FUSAI     2020-02-25
?Automobile brakes are brakes that generate braking torque by friction between the working surfaces of fixed components and rotating components. Such brakes are commonly known as friction brakes. Its type is more complicated, but there are two main classifications. One is according to the structure, which can be divided into two types hoof drum and hoof disc. The second is based on the installation position. It can be divided into two major types wheel brake and central brake. class. ????What are the main components of the shoe drum brake ????(1) Brake drum. The brake drum is a rotating element of the brake and is cast from wear-resistant gray cast iron. There is an inspection hole at the edge of the brake drum for inspecting the gap between the drum and the hoof. ????(2) Brake shoes. The brake shoe is a fixed component of the brake, which is usually welded with steel plates, and its cross section is T-shaped. Brake shoes and friction plates are usually riveted with countersunk aluminum rivets. Some cars use rubber adhesive to adhere the friction pads to the brake shoes. ????(3) Adjusting device for brake clearance. The brake clearance adjustment device has manual adjustment and automatic adjustment. ????The main types of shoe disc brakes are ????There are three types of caliper disc, full disc and hoof disc. The first two are often used as service brakes, and the latter are used as parking brakes. The caliper disc type is divided into fixed caliper disc type and floating caliper disc brake. Currently widely used are floating caliper disc brakes.
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