Hydraulic trailer axle welding technology research

by:FUSAI     2021-01-27
You know for automobile axle? Auto axle as an important part of automobile chassis driving system, stress is complex, it is not only bearing and force transmission, also under a lot of dynamic load and static load, bending moment and torque which is formed by the requirements for this axle and rear axle has enough strength, stiffness and toughness. In the numerous weld. Axle bridge shell welding quality is directly related to the car driving safety and passenger and driver safety. As a professional manufacturer of hydraulic trailer axle, so we think to ensure welding quality of axle and rear axle is very important. Hydraulic trailer axle manufacturers to introduce related weldability analysis 1, the material weldability currently used car axle is more for low carbon steel series, with 0 steel is given priority to, its chemical composition ( The mass fraction, %) 65 mn, Cr< O. 23 i< 0.3.Cu< 25. P< 035. S< 035. C and other visible increase the hardenability of the alloy element content is less, so less than in the cooling process of hardening, cold cracking tendency is small; Reduce the risk of low melting eutectic formation, the hot crack has a good inhibitory effect. So the weldability of the material is relatively good. The conventional welding method can be applied to the welding material. However, considering the production efficiency. Now the welding method of basic of car axle is used more CO: gas shielded welding. 2, process feasibility CO: gas protect welding a highly efficient welding method has been in process has been widely used on the production. Our fleet of gas shielded welding arc strong penetrating power. Productivity is higher than electrode arc l ~ 3 times; CO: gas using short circuit transition welding technology can be used in a full range of welding, welding quality for thin-walled components, welding deformation is small, fast welding speed; CO: gas prices are cheap, and before welding butt welding processing is simple. The welding cost only submerged arc welding and welding rod arc welding of 40% ~ 50%; CO: gas shielded welding machine, easy to realize mechanization and automation in auto welding can reduce the equipment, sites, jig into many and reduce costs, improve production efficiency; Strong ability to resist rust, weld hydrogen content is low. Above is the professional manufacturer of hydraulic trailer axle, lianyungang huayang machinery manufacturing co. , LTD. To tell you about relevant hydraulic trailer axle welding technology research, as a professional manufacturer of vehicle axle, if you are not clear and relevant knowledge of welcome contact us inquiry! Relevant tags: hydraulic trailer axle
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