Hydraulic trailer axle design requirements

by:FUSAI     2021-01-27
Widely used hydraulic trailer axle load, can be applied to a variety of mechanical equipment, large objects, highway construction equipment, large tanks, power station equipment machine delivery of various kinds of steel. Series trailer plate type, concave beam type and tyre appear type structure, the girder choose flat type or gooseneck, its frame is ladder type, for i-section girder section, has high rigidity, high strength characteristics. Frame loading principal plane is low, in order to ensure delivery of stability, suitable for carrying all kinds of engineering machinery large equipment and steel and so on three axis is used in the hydraulic trailer axle balanced suspension rigidity, live will be equipped with a mass balance between before and after the steel plate spring piece, can make the deflection of the steel plate spring amount before and after the change, using the rear axle force equilibrium, etc. A trailer axle design requirements ( 1) Axle should have sufficient strength and rigidity, reliably under force between the wheel and frame. ( 2) The steering wheel shimmy should be small. ( 3) Ensure and steering wheel has the correct orientation Angle, the steering wheel movement is stable, and the steering wheel Angle remains unchanged. Second, the trailer suspension design requirements ( 1) Ensure the trailer has a good ride. ( 2) Has the ability of appropriate damping vibration. ( 3) Trailer braking and acceleration, to ensure the stability, reduce the body trim and body roll Angle when turning to the right. Relevant tags: hydraulic trailer axle
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