How to verify whether the automobile drive axle

by:FUSAI     2020-05-17
??????The main function of the drive axle housing is to support the quality of the car, and to withstand the reaction forces and moments of the road surface from the wheels, and to the body through the suspension; it is also the assembly base of the main reducer, differential, and half shaft . The steering drive axle housing should have sufficient strength and rigidity to ensure that the final reducer gear mesh is normal and does not cause additional bending stress on the half shaft; on the premise of ensuring strength and rigidity, try to reduce the mass as much as possible to improve vehicle ride comfort; Ensure sufficient ground clearance; good structure and low cost; protect the transmission components installed on it and prevent muddy water from entering; easy to disassemble, adjust and maintain. ????The drive axle housing can be roughly divided into three forms: separable, integral and combined: ????Detachable axle housing. That is, the segmented axle housing is generally divided into two sections, and the two sections are connected into one by bolts. It is divided into a left and right part by a vertical joint surface, and the two parts are connected into one by bolts. Each part is composed of a casting shell and a half shaft sleeve pressed into its outer end, and the shaft tube and the shell are connected by rivets. The axle housing has a simple structure, good manufacturing technology, is relatively easy to cast and process, and the main reducer has good support rigidity. However, when the main reducer is dismantled, the entire drive axle must be removed from the car, so disassembly, adjustment, and maintenance are very inconvenient. The strength and rigidity of the axle housing are limited by the structure. It has been used in light vehicles. Less used. ????Integral axle housing. It is a hollow beam, the axle housing and the main reducer housing are two bodies. It has the advantages of greater strength and rigidity, easy installation and adjustment of the main reducer, etc. According to different manufacturing processes, the integral axle housing can be divided into three types: cast, steel plate stamping and welding, and expanded into forms. The strength and rigidity of the cast axle housing are large, but the quality is large and the manufacturing process is complicated. It is mainly used on medium and heavy trucks. The steel plate stamping and welding and expansion into the form of the axle shell have low quality, high material utilization rate, low manufacturing cost, suitable for mass production, and are widely used in cars and medium and small trucks and some heavy trucks. ????Combined axle housing. It is to cast the main reducer shell and part of the axle shell into one body, and then press the seamless steel pipes into the two ends of the shell, and the two are fixed by plug welding or pins. Its advantage is that the bearing stiffness of the driven gear bearing is better, and the assembly and adjustment of the main reducer is more convenient than the split axle housing. However, it requires higher processing accuracy and is often used in cars and light trucks. * g9 p9 B3 [5 C ????The seamless tubular axle housing has the key technology of hot extrusion molding, which is a leading product in China. Seamless tube-type axles appeared in the United States in the 1980s, but they have appeared in China in recent years. They still belong to a new structure for most domestic axle production plants. As a new type of structure, the seamless tube-type axle is highly popular among users because of its high production efficiency, strong bearing capacity, strong bending and shearing resistance, light weight, low production cost and long life Favored, has become the replacement product of the international and domestic heavy-duty trailer axle market.
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