How to repair the independent suspension device?

by:FUSAI     2020-05-24

The automobile independent suspension mechanism is more complicated, and there are more rods connecting the guide mechanism. For vibration isolation and sound isolation, more and more axle manufacturers use rubber nodes. It plays the role of absorbing impact, reducing vibration, reducing friction noise and elastic connection, thereby improving the comfort and handling stability of the car. During use, it is necessary to prevent rubber nodes from being eroded by dirt or oil, and keep it clean. 

During the maintenance process, pay attention to check whether these rubber parts have plastic deformation, cracking and aging. Replace it in time during use. Coil springs are widely used in independent suspension axles, especially front wheel independent suspensions. The elastic elements in the rear suspension of cars and mini cars also use coil springs, which have the advantages of no lubrication, no fear of mud, little vertical space occupied by the layout, and small quality. However, the coil spring itself does not have the shock absorption effect, and can only bear vertical loads, and its lateral rigidity is poor. 

Therefore, a shock absorber must be provided in the coil spring suspension, and a guide mechanism is installed to transmit various forces and torques other than the vertical force. Commercial vehicle axles should pay attention to check whether the coil spring has plastic deformation, breakage, or scratches during maintenance operations, and should be replaced regularly if necessary. Special tools must be used during disassembly and installation to avoid breakage and deformation. If there are conditions, you should check whether the free length and spring stiffness meet the specified value, and replace the new coil spring must meet the specifications.                                

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