How to remove the drum brake

by:FUSAI     2020-02-25
Drum brakes are often installed on the tires of cars, and they need to be removed when there is a problem with the car. So how is the drum brake removed? First of all, we must fully understand the structure of the drum brake, so that it will be more convenient in the disassembly work. First, the car tire must be disassembled first. 1. Remove the brake drum first; 2, then the rear wheel bearing dust cap; 3. Remove the split pin again; 4. Crown nut insurance card; 5. Remove washers and nuts; 6. Bearing, remove T-50 ball bearing and rear axle oil seal; After the above work is completed, most parts of the drum brake can be seen. 9――Brake shoe positioning pin. With 10 and 11, make the brake shoe limited movement and keep the shoe surface vertical. 10――Brake shoe positioning pin pressure spring washer. Hemispherical with rectangular groove in the middle. 11――Brake shoe positioning pin pressure spring. 12――Wedge adjustment block. When the brake clearance is too large, the spring 15 is stretched, causing the brake push rod 16 and the adjusting block 12 to be extended. The gap between them increases, 12 moves downward under the pulling force of the spring 20, and automatically fills the gap increase between the brake push rod 16 and the mold adjustment block 12, so as to achieve the purpose of automatically adjusting the brake gap. The bump of the wedge block faces backwards during installation. 13――Return spring in the rear wheel brake shoe. 14――Brake wheel cylinder. When the brake pedal is pressed, the hydraulic oil pushes the piston in the air pump to push to both sides, so that the brake shoe is opened. The piston has ear grooves that fit into the upper end of the brake shoe. 15――Return spring on the rear wheel brake shoe. The elastic coefficient is larger than the spring 13. When the braking gap is normal, 15 is not pulled apart; when the braking gap is too large, 13 is opened first, and 15 is opened after. 16――Brake putter. 17――Parking brake lever. When the handbrake is pulled, the lower end of 17 moves to the left, the lever uses the brake pusher 16 as a fulcrum, and the upper end moves to the right, pushing the brake shoe 22 apart. 18-The short axle of the wheel support. 19――Parking brake cable. 20――The wedge-shaped adjusting block returns the spring downward. 21――Return spring under the rear brake shoe. 22-Brake shoes. 23-friction plate. When the brake shoe 22 is opened, the friction plate 23 and the brake drum 1 come into contact with each other to generate braking force. Turn 9, remove 10 and 11 Remove the springs 13 and 20, spread the upper end of the brake shoe 22 outward, and remove the brake shoe and the connecting spring. Remove the right brake shoe from the parking brake cable 19. The shape of the hook on the parking brake lever 17 on the right brake shoe is relatively special. When disassembling, first press the spring toward the seat and then back out. The above is how to remove the drum brake, will you? If you want to learn more, please follow us!
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