How to make lightweight design is the key in axle

by:FUSAI     2021-01-29
How car axle lightweight design? Cars have become the research focus, to solve the problem of environment and energy at the same time, the automotive lightweighting is to reduce energy consumption, one of the most effective measures to reduce emissions. Therefore, electric cars for lightweight at the same time, in addition to consider the collision structure deformation caused by the occupant injury, also need to consider power battery when squeezed in blaze in the collision, installation point failure, etc. Diesel cars and car axle design structure have to differ? Compared with conventional car, the electric car was installed in the front area double beam independent suspension, the motor controller, drive motor and reducer assembly on the position such as traditional automobile engine and transmission, fixed above the support in the form of bolt connection, packing concentrated in the cabin arrangement makes the high effective avoided direct extrusion in side impact caused by the leakage situation. The lighter vehicles, in fact is equal to the tires, brakes, engine and gearbox, chassis suspension structure caused by the burden and the strain is also lower, which is under the condition of the same materials and structure design, reduce weight of the car can make mechanical parts more durable. So the electric car axle lightweight design is particularly necessary! The future of the automotive lightweighting is an endless road, the car axle lightweight design is beginning! Said before, now many factories are chasing lightweight, 99% of the objective is to fuel-efficient, but there is no denying that to be fond of fun to drive, the good is also can be reference to enjoy. With the progress of science and technology changes with each passing day, the car axle lightweight technology is bound to have a more comprehensive and development by leaps and bounds! Relevant tags: semi-trailer axle
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