How to forge a high-quality car front axle

by:FUSAI     2020-05-22
Automobile axles are key parts of automobiles. Therefore, Beiqi Foton, JAC and other domestic mainstream automobile manufacturers also appear to be particularly 'choosy' when choosing axle manufacturers. What about bridge manufacturers? The answer is that the core components are produced by ourselves, and the product quality is strictly controlled! The front axle of an automobile is a key component of an automobile axle. Next, let's share how the high-quality automobile front axle is forged: ? Let's first popularize the processing characteristics of automobile front axles: The processing parts of the front axle are mainly divided into leaf spring seats and fist parts. Compared with the fist parts, the surface processing of the steel plate is simpler in structure and easier to process. The processing of the fist parts mainly includes the main pin hole and the lock pin hole. Common problems in the front axle machining process: 1. The processing problem of the steel plate surface is mainly concentrated on the drilling, and the positioning accuracy of the template plays an important role in the processing accuracy. 2. It is difficult to ensure the hole diameter and hole distance, especially the 42CrMo material front shaft should be sharpened after processing a few. 3. Workers are prone to visual fatigue and leak holes. 4. In addition to the high dimensional accuracy requirements, the processing of the fist part has a high positional requirement for the matching relationship, which is also the most difficult to guarantee in the processing process.
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