How to design and choose the front axle of heavy truck

by:FUSAI     2020-05-16
????In the use of automobile front axles, usually the drive axle assembly is mainly composed of the drive axle housing, the main reducer assembly (including the differential), the wheel reducer assembly, the brake caliper, and the full-floating left and right axles, etc. Partly composed. 2 @ 5 c7 _ (q5? / C ????The drive axle of heavy commercial vehicles should meet the following basic requirements: select the appropriate main reduction ratio to ensure that the car has good power and fuel economy under the given conditions; the small outer size ensures that the car has sufficient ground clearance In order to meet the requirements of passability; gears and other transmission parts work smoothly and have low noise; have high transmission efficiency under various load and speed conditions; have sufficient strength and rigidity to withstand and transmit the action on the road and Various forces and moments between the frame or the body; under this condition, reduce the mass as much as possible, especially the unsprung mass, reduce the impact load of the uneven road, improve the ride of the car; coordinate with the movement of the suspension guide mechanism. The structure is simple, the processing technology is good, the manufacture is easy, and the maintenance and adjustment are convenient. ????The competition in China's heavy-duty axle market is mainly two-stage and single-stage bridges. The two-stage bridge has a main reducer and a wheel-side reducer. Due to the two-stage deceleration, the main speed reducer has a small speed reduction ratio, the main speed reducer assembly is relatively small, and the bridge package is relatively reduced, so the ground clearance is increased and the passability is good. This series of bridge assemblies are mainly used in road transportation, as well as oil, industrial and mining, forestry, field operations and military fields. The single-stage bridge is decelerated by the main reducer in one stage. The bridge package has a large size and a small ground clearance. Compared with the two-stage bridge, its passability is poor, and it is mainly used for road transportation vehicles. ????The single-stage deceleration drive axle is a kind of simple structure in the drive axle. The manufacturing process is simple and the cost is low. It is the basic type of drive axle and occupies an important position in heavy vehicles. Compared with the drive axle with wheel-side reducer, due to the simplified product structure, the mechanical transmission efficiency of the single-stage deceleration drive axle is improved, the wearing parts are reduced, and the reliability is improved. ????From the perspective of product design, when the main reduction ratio is less than 6, for heavy-duty vehicles, try to use a single-stage reduction drive axle.
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