How to choose single-stage reduction and wheel-side

by:FUSAI     2020-02-09
If the rear axle speed ratio is increased, the single-stage main reduction bridge will need larger basin teeth, the ground clearance of the truck will become smaller, and the trafficability will be poor. The wheel-side reducer solves this contradiction very well. An additional reduction gear is installed between the wheel axle axle and the wheel. The diameter of the main reducer is reduced, the axle is raised, and the passability is improved. Can adapt to a variety of complex road conditions. However, because of the more complex structure of the wheel reduction bridge, its self-heavy weight, low mechanical efficiency, large energy loss, and higher fuel consumption are caused. At the same time, the heat generation ambassador has a high wheel end temperature and is prone to puncture. The choice of the rear axle should be based on specific transportation needs: the single reduction bridge is suitable for road transportation, has high transmission efficiency, and can reduce fuel consumption. The wheel reduction bridge is suitable for vehicles with poor road conditions. The wheel reduction bridge can improve the passing performance and output a larger torque.
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