How to avoid buying poor quality of the leg?

by:FUSAI     2021-05-21
Trailer leg work is to most of the weight, can make the trailer to ensure vehicle in the period of don't want to make balance of the body and avoid confusion because of the heavy vehicle and produce safety. More difficult is leg when use, special attention should be paid to the appropriate class of the leg on the market, to avoid to buy the poor quality of leg, and make transportation reason. 1, the transmission speed correction of trailer and other driving in accordance with air conditioning, need to correct the same speed. Apparently in the same gear speed, leg how in accordance with, has always problems. In period of delivery of goods, his speed is not problem. But carry goods period, especially heavy carrying goods period, should be in accordance with the slowly speed gears. 2, smooth ground leg use in the period of the tractor, yet need to guarantee the smooth trailer, need to select individual stability. If there is a problem is the place, can use other help'd like to have some means, such as at the beginning of the wheel digression finished theme the mat like mist like dream, wood, etc. 3, put in the leg is not in accordance with the period of the leg, be sure to get a better night market it, so how can guarantee through the leg to work hard to endanger, also can good next in accordance with the ordinary. Relevant tags: semi-trailer axle
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