How to apply the drive axle in the front axle

by:FUSAI     2020-05-16
The drive axle is one of the important symbols of heavy vehicles. Yihe Axle Co., Ltd. divides its basic structure into the following three types: (1) Central single-stage deceleration drive axle. This is a simple type of drive axle structure, which is the basic form of the drive axle and dominates in trucks. Generally, when the main transmission ratio is less than 6, the central single-stage deceleration drive axle should be used as much as possible. The current central single-stage reducer tends to use a hyperbolic spiral bevel gear, the active pinion adopts a horse-riding type support, and a differential lock device is available for selection. (2) Central dual-stage drive axle. In the current domestic market, there are two main types of central dual-stage drive axles: One is the Eaton series product, which reserves space in the single-stage reducer in advance, and can be installed when it is required to increase the traction and speed ratio. The human cylindrical planetary gear reduction mechanism changes the original central single stage into a central two-stage drive axle. This kind of restructuring has a high degree of 'three transformations'. The axle housing and the main reducer can be used universally, and the diameter of the basin gear is unchanged; another type For Rockwell series products, when the traction force and speed ratio are to be increased, the first-stage bevel gear needs to be modified, and then the second-stage cylindrical spur gear or helical gear is installed to become the required central two-stage drive axle. The time axle housing can be used universally, the main reducer is not used universally, and the basin angle gear wheels are derived as a series of products when the speed ratio of the central single-stage bridge exceeds a certain value or the total traction mass is large due to the above central double-stage reduction bridge A model of them, they are difficult to be transformed into front drive axles, and their use is subject to certain restrictions; therefore, in general, two-stage reduction axles are generally not developed as a basic drive axle, but as a special consideration. The derived drive axle exists. 654 (3) Central single-stage, wheel-side deceleration drive axle. The wheel-side deceleration drive axle is more widely used in non-highway vehicles and military vehicles such as oil fields, construction sites, and mines. The current wheel-side reduction bridges can be divided into two categories: one is the conical planetary gear wheel-side reduction bridge, Volvo, Renault, etc. all use this type of axle; the other is the cylindrical planetary gear wheel-side reduction drive axle, Mercedes-Benz, Scania, China National Heavy Duty Truck, Chongqing Heavy Duty Truck, etc. all use such axles.
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