How the brakes effectively stop

by:FUSAI     2020-02-16
I believe many car owners know that brakes and brakes are the brakes we often say. When you encounter an accident in front or you want to stop, you just need to press the brakes to stop the car. Due to the key role of the brake, the safety requirements of the brake are very high when the brake is produced, and more and more brake manufacturers are now working on the safety of the brake. When the excitation coil of the brake is connected to the rated voltage (DC), the electromagnetic force attracts the armature and disengages (releases) the armature from the brake disc. At this time, the drive shaft normally runs or starts with the brake disc. When the drive system is disconnected or broken When power is applied, the brake is also de-energized at the same time. At this time, the spring exerts pressure on the armature, forcing a friction torque between the brake disc and the armature and the flange to stop the transmission shaft quickly. The heat dissipation environment of the brake is poor, and the holding voltage is converted to 70% -80% of the rated voltage to reduce heat generation.
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