How the brakes are used to extend their service life

by:FUSAI     2020-02-17
Everyone knows brakes. Because of its existence, emergency braking can keep people in a safe state because of its existence. The brakes are divided into many types according to different scenes, and the material of each different brake is also different. Brakes are used in many industries and are loved by many manufacturers. Many brake manufacturers are producing brakes. The brake is parked immediately after the power failure of the electric motor, so that the machine stops in the position where it should be stopped, and not too much wrong stroke, such as a separate clutch, can make the automatic conversion machinery somewhat and forced to change The machinery is somewhat separated, which avoids the harm to the motor caused by the frequent start of the motor. The other is overrunning clutch. It is a mechanical protection device. When the forced machinery is somewhat overloaded, the overrunning clutch will slip, so that it will not cause excessive damage to the machine. The brake should still be used with care and prolong the service life.
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