How the brake arm on a drum brake works

by:FUSAI     2020-02-27

For the brake, how to make the machine stop quickly and safely is very important. For the drum brake, the various parts of the work have an important role in cooperation with each other. How does it work? 

 The brake arm of a drum brake is mostly composed of two steel plates, and the shape is made straight or curved, which is mainly determined by the position of the hinge point. The straight brake arm can ensure that the brake wheel shaft is not subject to bending force. 

The curved brake arm moves the lower hinge point (fixed hinge point) inward, which can increase the wrap angle of the brake shoe. The brake arm of the hydraulic arm disc brake is also composed of two steel plates, and the shape is made half straight and half curved. 

 (1) The lever structure of the drum brake is simple, the horizontal spring structure does not distinguish between the left and right manual devices, and the vertical spring structure and the hydraulic arm disc brake are divided into left and right manual devices.

 (2) The brake shoe and the brake arm are connected by pins, and the brake pads are riveted or inserted into the brake shoe, which is very easy to replace. The above is the introduction of the work of the brake arm on the drum brake. For more information, please continue to follow us.                                

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