How should a semi-trailer for tyre

by:FUSAI     2021-01-30
In the process of the motion of the semi, tire and short of breath, not only will tread wear, shorten the service life of tires, also affect the safety of driving, semi-trailer, different from other ordinary car demand for gas is extremely high, in the air when what should notice? 1, inflatable before the check valve, the valve and valve inside whether level off, whether there is a protruding sunken phenomenon, these defects do not facilitate the inflatable and measuring 2, inflatable air pressure to pay attention to clean, filling the not contain moisture in the air, cannot have more oily be soiled, in case the rubber metamorphic damage after 3, inflatable inner tube with expanded on the valve mouth, see if tire air leakage, if not leak, will tighten valve cap, prevent dirt from entering the valve internal 4, inflatable don't exceed the standard value too much, too much more than standard can make the car cord stretch too much, cause its strength is reduced, to reduce the service life of tires. 5, after stopping to tyres cooling completely before charging, it's because when vehicle, due to the friction tyre temperature will rise, affect pressure related tags: semi-trailer axle
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