How much do you know about the impact of shock

by:FUSAI     2020-05-18
The shock absorber is an important component in the vehicle suspension system, and its performance has a great impact on the comfort of the vehicle and the service life of the vehicle suspension system. When the front axle of the car receives an impact from uneven roads, its suspension spring can alleviate this impact, but at the same time it also stimulates a longer period of vibration to make the ride uncomfortable. The shock absorber installed in parallel with the elastic element can quickly attenuate this vibration to improve the ride comfort and handling stability of the car. Hydraulic shock absorbers are widely used in automobile suspensions. Hydraulic shock absorber can be divided into rocker arm type and cylinder type according to its structure, and can be divided into single-acting type and bi-directional type according to its working principle. Due to the advantages of light weight, stable performance, reliable operation, and easy mass production, the barrel type shock absorber has become the mainstream of automobile shock absorbers. Cylinder type shock absorbers can be divided into double-cylinder type, single-cylinder type and inflatable cylinder type, of which the double-cylinder type is the most used. Inflatable cylinder shock absorber filled with a certain pressure of gas in the cylinder shock absorber improves the vibration damping performance at high speed and helps to eliminate the noise generated by the shock absorber. However, due to the cost and maintenance problems, its promotion and application are subject to certain limit.
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