How is the trailer axle maintained?

by:FUSAI     2021-05-21
The first is the front axle fatigue damage, crack or fracture failure. When this happens, new parts should be replaced in time. When a bending deformation failure occurs in the vertical direction, the front cross member must be calibrated in time. The reason is that the front axle bears a large reaction force from the ground in the vertical direction, which is prone to bending deformation, which will change the inclination angle of the kingpin and the outer wheel. The angle of inclination will cause heavy steering of diesel vehicles, increase the load on the wheel hub bearings, and reduce the service life. The front axle has torsional deformation. In this case, the front cross member must be replaced or corrected and repaired. The front axle has a bending deformation failure in the horizontal direction. If you find this, you have to proofread the front beam. There are wear failures of the king pin bushing, king pin and direct thrust bearing. In this case, they should be replaced in time to avoid any problems. Related tags: semi-trailer axle
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