How does the maintenance work of the brake

by:FUSAI     2020-02-21
In the machinery industry, there are many equipments. These equipments have very convenient functions in the production process. Some are not only convenient. In many cases, they are also very important. Pay attention to safety. Such as brakes. The brakes are generally installed in large-scale machinery and equipment, and emergency braking is required. Such as cars, cranes, etc. The brake is a mechanical part that can stop or decelerate the machine during operation. It is also called a brake. It is mainly composed of brake parts, brake frames and operating devices. Generally speaking, electric hydraulic brakes will be installed. On the high-speed shaft of mechanical equipment, but for some machinery with high safety performance requirements, we generally install the electro-hydraulic brake on the low-speed shaft. In the process of use, pay attention to the regular inspection and maintenance of the electro-hydraulic brake and add it regularly Lubricant.
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