Fully understand the secrets of disc brakes

by:FUSAI     2020-02-29
Brake is a very common and indispensable accessory in automobiles. This accessory is directly related to the safe operation of the car. When you want to stop or brake in an emergency, just press the brake to stop safely. There are also many types of brakes. For example, the disc brake is shaped like a metal disc, so it is called a disc brake. Disc brakes are hydraulic and controlled by hydraulics. The main components are brake discs, sub-pumps, brake calipers, and oil pipes. The disc brake has fast heat dissipation, light weight, simple structure and convenient adjustment. Especially under high load, it has good high temperature resistance performance, stable braking effect, and is not afraid of muddy water. When driving in winter and harsh road conditions, the disc brakes used by many cars are flat brake discs, punched brake discs and paddles The linear brake disc, among which the braking effect and ventilation and heat dissipation ability of the line brake disc are relatively good. This brake has been widely used in automobiles, such as cars and commercial vehicles, and has good stability and safety.
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