Fuhua Axle ’s next goal is to customize small batches and diversify

by:FUSAI     2020-05-22
The headquarters of Fuhua Axle Company has also paid considerable attention to the various resources of the axle business, and there is still broad space for development of domestic special vehicles, sanitation vehicles and new energy electric vehicles. Although the growth rate of this field in China is slowing down, it still cannot cover up its continuous growth, which also brings potential development space for Fuhua axles.       Recently, due to the limitations of domestic materials and finishing technology, there is a certain gap between the domestic axle manufacturing process and the world's advanced level, and Fuhua axles have gradually opened up with domestic Competitor gap. Although many commercial vehicle and construction machinery companies have axle business, most of them are high-volume, general-purpose products that lack the changes required for special axles, and this precisely highlights the next goal of Fuhua axles. Differentiated product advantages of "batch and customization". At present, there are still many commercial automobile and construction machinery companies in China that do not have an axle business. The procurement of axles by these companies is still an indispensable market. To maintain continuous core competition in the future, Fuhua axles need to Self-improvement in all aspects. The first is the need to improve R & D capabilities.        Fuhua axles used to be a generalized and high-volume product strategy. Now they are shifting to a "special differentiation and brand specialization" business strategy. This requires Fuhua axles to be careful about the areas that various types of axles may involve. Only by researching and launching more targeted characteristic products can we truly guarantee the needs of users. Once again, there is a need to improve the whole-zero relationship. At present, Fuhua Axle only exists as a relatively independent enterprise, and has not established an intimate cooperative relationship with its upstream suppliers, and downstream OEMs, distributors, and service providers. Only a complete benefit has been created. Only the community can maximize the effectiveness of the entire industry chain. Finally, there is a need to improve the focus on resources. In today's society, it must be a development model with small cores and large collaborations. Fuhua axles can only grasp the most core parts, such as R & D and manufacturing of key structural parts, general assembly of axles, online inspection, and service marketing Several parts, such as system construction, require the cooperating parties and suppliers to complete the rest, so the overall management and strategic construction of the suppliers need to be further strengthened.
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