Four basic components of a brake

by:FUSAI     2020-02-21
Crane is a very important accessory on a motor vehicle. These accessories are very common and very important. If there is a problem with the brakes, the safety of the motor vehicle will be very dangerous. So no matter if your car is a private car, truck, truck, or crane, brakes will be installed on them. The purpose of these brakes is to step down to ensure the safety of the car when the brake is emergency or stopped. Any braking system has the following four basic components: 1. The control device includes various components that generate braking action and control braking effect. 2, transmission device, including various components that transmit braking energy to the brake 3.Brake, a component that generates a force (braking force) that hinders the movement or tendency of the vehicle, including the retarding device in the auxiliary braking system. 4. Energy supply device, including various components that supply and regulate the energy required for braking and improve the state of the energy transfer medium. These are basically the components of a brake.
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